About me & LARP

” Rogue”


The Thief, Burglar, Scoundrel, or Rogue is a character class in many role-playing games, including Dungeons & Dragons, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft and many MMORPGs. Thieves are usually stealthy and dexterous characters able to disarm traps, pick locks, spy on foes, and perform backstabs from hiding.

Live action roleplaying, better known as LARP for short. It’s a hobby a lot of people in the world practice. In fancy words, it is the art of creating and performing a character in a world that is created by an organisation. And to be blunter, it is running around in the woods pretending to be someone else.

What about me?

One of the people that practices this hobby is me. I’m Michelle, also known as MimiMelody. I’ve been LARPing since 2013 when I started at the event Quon by the organisation Games-n-Stuff. In January 2017 I’ve also been employed as a volunteer, where I work as the Costume and Make-up Coördinator at the two-yearly event “De Dwaler” by that same organisation.

I am a full-time student. I do volunteer work for several companies/organisations/people of which two are LARP-related. Like I said I volunteer for Games-n-Stuff, and I also do Content Creation and Product Review for the Grumpy Dwarf, which is a props and LARP weapon shop.

Besides LARP I’m really into music and arts. I enjoy drawing, photography, designing, making costumes and props, reading, gaming; tabletop (RPG) and video games. I’m also into (SFX) makeup, history, fantasy, and a lot of other stuff…

The blog itself

In this blog, you will find LARP stories, tutorials, video’s, sketches, drawings and much more related to LARP. From my point of view, or point of view of my friends, colleagues and others.

My Characters 

I currently have 4 active (A) characters, 2 non-active (NA) and 0 deceased (D):

Dutch LARPs:

Quon     –     (Games-n-Stuff)13077056_1134049046639610_6324407512928678314_n

–   Valyria of Brynn (human) (my first Character!) (A)
–   Vianna Helvyus (half wolf – half human) (NA)

De Dwaler      –     (Games-n-Stuff)

–   Arratak ‘The Breaker’ (Orc) (NA)
–   Wietske (human) (A)

Terra X      –     (Games-n-Stuff)

–   Nae’riih Hazkal (Dwarf) (A)

International LARPs:

Drachenfest     –     (Wyvern)

–   Kiarah (Fox/Human)  (A)

*  “event name”     –     (organisation)


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