Technology from the year mudpool – (modern day comforts)

Being a LARPer in mostly medieval and fantasy settings with I will miss some modern privileges during a weekend LARP.  And that’s what I see around me as well.


20161015 130311 - Quon XXIV
by Robbert Bruggeling

Even though we do have the sanitary comforts of running water and toilets, and sometimes even showers, at certain areas of a location, you will miss or dismiss a lot of other stuff. Things I notice the most are the technical equipment. Camera’s, music players and, most of all, phones. It’s really important to have an immersive environment to play in and modern stuff really distracts. Some players will love the reclusiveness from society and technology and others cannot wait until the get back to their tents and are able to check their phones. Because tents are, even in the In-Game area, often viewed as little out-of-game safe areas. I when I play I usually message some people before Time-In and shut off my phone until Time-Out, or I get my phone out as I’m going to bed. As a volunteer, I carry my phone around almost all of the time, but that’s a whole different story.


So what now?

But what do you do when you still want to know what time it is, or if you want a picture to memorize the moment or sent someone a message? You have to make due. You either get an In-Game way to get what you need or you just don’t. For example: if you want to message someone you have to send a runner or a  handwritten letter. But you can’t use regular bleached paper. You tea-dye it to make it more old-timey.11350433966_5ee2fa202d_z

If you want a picture there are more options. Some people make In-Game cases for their cameras from wood or leather so they don’t stand out as modern technology. Most larger events have photographers running around though. These are volunteers that don’t blend in and they don’t have to. They are commonly known to be ignored, or they are not even seen if they are being stealthy, just like other organization members.

At the end of the day, we just want to not be disturbed by the “real world”. We just want to be immersive.



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