It’s getting hothothot – (warm weather tips)

Here in the Netherlands spring has definitely begun. We had around 20 degrees weather at last weekend’s event and we had to cope with it. But … how do you cope with the heat?

20160618 171730 - Quon XXIII
by Robbert Bruggeling

1. It is really important to drink lots (but mainly ENOUGH) water.

LARPers are already prone to not take care of themselves properly. They will not eat enough or unhealthily, and drinking enough is even more out of the question for most of them. Alcohol is also a way to dehydrate the body. Group that all together with heat, lack of sleep and a lot of exercise and wham-bam-sha-blam you got some shit waiting to go wrong.
SO KEEP HYDRATED, and keep your friends hydrated. You might not forget, but a friend might. Also, take care of your enemies and captives after fights or in imprisonment. It’s still just a game.

2. Take some rest.

LARPing can be exhausting. Most of the time it’s an event that runs several days. In which you do a lot and sleep too little and just, in general, are very busy. It’s really important that, especially in heat, you take enough pauses to rest. Take your time to sit down, undress a bit (like take of your armor), eat something and just have chat, or even a nap! I know I’ve certainly done that before.

3. Layers!

Another option to beat the heat is to alter or choose your frock accordingly. Work with layers so you can take stuff off when it gets warm or put extra stuff on when you get chilled again. Remember that you don’t have to run around in the same clothing all day. The mornings and evenings or nights are probably a lot colder than the afternoon.

4. And some of us just wear less clothing.

by Michelle Claus

Some people choose to wear less, or more revealing clothing to cool off. This works in the way that the body has a lot of free skin through which it can let loose of its warmth. In this way, the warmth has no way to be pocketed between clothing. You also have to be confident enough to actually not wear a lot. Anyone can do it though!

5. Completely covered.

But another option is to have airy light fabrics (preferably in light colours), and still be covered to protect the skin from direct sunlight. Like they do in Arabic countries. It reflects light and warmth so it keeps you cool, while the wind can still breeze through it. and minimizes your exposure to UV-rays, that can damage your skin.

Anyways, keep hydrated and don’t forget your sunscreen




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