Last minute is still on time – (experience)

It’s 23.45 on a Sunday night. The LARP is next weekend and I’m working on my costume.27544789976_d9ef43a082_b

Actually, I’ve just finished working on it for this day and I have to clean this mess of a room. I live on my own in about 30 square feet with a private toilet. And everything is covered in threads and scraps. It’s still only a student dorm room, but I moved out of my parents’ home a little over a year ago.

It’s the first time I’ve hauled the sewing machines over to my place to work on a project here. Before I would go to my parents’ house. I would still work till midnight or later though. Just usually not on a Sunday.

Friend support

Definitely last-minute and apparently I’m not alone. At all. It’s common courtesy to message your friends and just sending them “AAAARGGHH” because your sewing machine isn’t cooperating. And they will probably respond along with a GIF or a meme or an “OMG SAMEEE”.  My living space is wrecked and in ruins. There is fabric literally everywhere. The same goes for other craft wear, semi-finished projects. It is like a bomb exploded, it’s insane. Everything had to evade for the project and is piled up. I will deal with it when I finish this … Luckily this too is something that I am not alone in.

On the other, hand many have that one friend who still has to finish a dress, and a pair of pants, two hats, three doublets, and a pouch. But will still finish it even though they work/study full time and are away every evening. It’s just magic. It’s your magic friend. If this is you, you are magic. Don’t need to spend any Experience Points on that. Ya just are.

I usually manage to get my stuff done or at least done enough to be able to wear it. Sadly enough, with the stress that comes with last-minute crafting, I often make unnecessary mistakes. Like the time I made a dress an event special and I got it caught in the serging machine. That became a nasty slit in the dress on the bodice, which I couldn’t repair.

But last Sunday?

Back to this Sunday night. It’s the fifth day of sewing on my Landsknecht hose and the hat. But why did you start so late? Remember that magic friend? One of those also does commissions sometimes. But sometimes the magic runs out. She had too many commissions running and I was last in line. She suggested that she could still do it for the next event, or if I wanted I could give a go at it myself. I chose the latter and she sent me the fabrics we collected for the project.

I wanted to make a sun-hat styled headress, but I resulted in making a beret, because of the amount of fabric I had left. I took some shortcuts, did a lot of machine sewing instead of handwork and didn’t follow my own patterns and design. But because of that, I almost finished it, and I didn’t screw up. Or well, not that bad. It’s absolutely wearable at least.

And I’m on time. As will you because stress is the best motivator. And of course, last-minute is still on time.



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