What do you mean I could die giving birth?! – (Mother’s day special)

It is the year 1232 medieval Europe a dwelling place in Germany. I am 20 years old. I am married to Tiebe, the tavern keeper in the town of Lechheim. And I might die soon, because I’m about 8 months pregnant. I will finally have my first child. And hope to deliver many more in the name of the Lord to my dear husband.


Will I be killed? Oh no, dear. We waited until marriage. And I’m not accused of witchery. Also, I’m a good Christian. Then why might I die? Because like I said, I’m pregnant, you silly.  Being pregnant and giving birth is a dangerous time for women and childbirth does not discriminate. Young mothers, older mothers, poor or rich mothers, all can die not only in childbirth but also due to complications afterwards. Sadly, more than one in three women died during their child-bearing years. I hope to not be one of them.

Luckily, I’ve contacted the midwives at the Hospitaler. I hope they will help me. Of course, no men are allowed in the private room as a pregnant woman is only allowed to be attended to by other women. Except for my new son. Well, of course, I know what the gender is?! If you drink mead during pregnancy the baby will grow. And if it gets active when drinking you definitely most certainly have a manbun in the oven. That is just common knowledge.

The room will be hung with tapestries and much more, as not to upset the mother-me, which could harm my dear the unborn bubba. Of course, I cannot have too much light in the room. For if I see too much light it might harm my bubba as well. Didn’t you know?

Crucifixes and other religious items will be within the room to provide me with spiritual support. I can’t surely don’t abandon the Lord after the blessing he gave us. Of course,  the midwife will baptise our dear child. It will remove all the natural sin and cleanse the soul. It’s will be a squicky clean and angelic child, hopefully.

May the Lord have mercy on me and my dear child. And I hope to see you in “Den Bruidschen Kousebant” soon.



Incorrectness in grammar and spelling are an effort resemble the way of speech the Character has in real life. For comparison, it’s a farme-like Dutch/Frisian accent.

Parts and believes are based on actual believes and facts of childbirth in the medieval times*


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