Mermaid stranded – (at the beach)

Almost the whole country is going to the beach. And I’m going with them. Or actually, they go with me. Us.

To be honest that is because the parents of my partner are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their manage by taking the whole weekend to Scheveningen with the Ascension Day weekend (aka 4-day weekend ya’ll), and it has been planned for a while now. BUT apparently, it will be tropical weather this weekend, so we definitely won’t be alone.

The Riviera Sea Snake


I’m bringing my longboard, to cruise over the boardwalk; my swimsuit, to well, swim; my wetsuit, because the sea will be cold; my swim socks and my brand-new monofin.

And why I feel the need to mention my longboard? Well, apart from the nice specs it has a pretty interesting design which played a huge part in why I bought it. It’s mermaid-y.

So, swimming?

But anyways, on day one we didn’t really have enough time to go to the beach, except dip our toes in the water.

The lifeguard post was closed and the water was cold, but with a good 29* degrees Celcius at high noon the beach was crowded enough. I could smell the sea in between all the food stalls and restaurants on the boulevard, which sometimes was an achievement, and longed for the day after so I could go to the sea. I missed it so much since I live pretty far into the mainland.

Cold feet

Picture by Cenne Kistemaker

On Friday, which was the second day, we went to the beach. Like many others. But unlike others, I was prepared. I brought my shortie and my long wetsuit and swim socks. But since those turned out to be too small I had to do without. With my long wetsuit on and action can in hand I was on my way to test out the waters. And it. Was. Pretty. Darn. Cold. But, just at the feet and hands, the suit was great.


After some laps, I got my boyfriend into the shortie and we got my monovin. And let me say. It was so different. The water was unclear. I could see one arm length ahead. And since the sand banks were really long I couldn’t go too far into sea, since he wasn’t a confident swimmer. So I had a hard time properly being underwater with my fin. And not just flopping on the surface.

After the cold sipeled into my bones even still, we called it a day and played some games on the beach in the sun.

How was it?

I felt like a futuristic mermaid. Not owning a proper tail yet, but being in my wetsuit and monofin, it kind of still felt like something. They felt like the still kind of matched, and if I would’ve been able to wear the socks it would almost look some kind of unnaturally natural.
I cannot wait to try the monofin in different waters and seas. And to own a beautiful tail.

And remember, never swim alone.

Picture by Cenne Kistemaker

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