Da rules – (LARP rules)

So you are starting at a LARP and online you find this handy dandy thing called the Rulebook. Read it. And to a great extend KNOW it. This may sound like a lot, but it will make your In-Game life so much easier. da_rules_small_by_lazy_upsie_daisy-d85czj0

So while the length of the rulebook may differ from event to event, the core of all of them is usually made up of the same kind of subjects. Mainly because these are the most important ones. Those being:

  1. Calls and Terms: Due to safety issues, in this case being Out-of-Game calls, and in later chapters In-Game calls. You should also know the terms people use because you want to be able to understand what everybody is talking about or what they are doing.
  2. Fighting: Here it is very important to keep things safe. What body parts are you allowed to hit, which weapons are allowed, and what to do when things go wrong.
  3. General Safety: Of course there is a separate chapter for this, as you can imagine, very important to read and memorize.
  4. Alcohol, drugs, and harassment (etc) policy: Liability and policies about legal works.

Then you’ll get to more in-depth chapters about things such as:

  1. Colour codes: It is possible that an organization uses coloured bands to visualize effects.
  2. Character sheet/creation: This will tell you how to build a character.
  3. Magic/Alchemy guide: They’ll explain to you how their magic works.
  4. Lifecycle: How should you react when you get wounded in-game and how many hits can you get before you bleed to death. What the norm of living is, basically.

Depending on each organisation there are more chapters, obviously.
But by now we’re up for the last ones:

  1. Races: Not every event allows the same races to be played.
  2. Classes: Basically your character’s job description.
  3. Skills: Which abilities are available, how do they work, and what do they “cost”?

Skills is a very important chapter to read and is, besides the world setting, often the longest one. Oh, but I don’t need to know every skill, I only have *insert set of skills here*. Yet, you do need to know what is going on around you and what people are doing.

To make it easier there have been certain rules applied like certain incantations or calls to make it clear what someone means. Like Magic Arrow 5, is an arrow that does 5 points damage. The spell fear makes you afraid of someone etc.
But even if you don’t know a rule. Ask. Listen. Learn. Or else even try to make something out of it. It’s better to play out a wrong effect than to do nothing.

The rules can be a lot of work to read and memorize, but it’s absolutely worth it. Always remember that rules are there for safety and to guide you. Think logical and use common sense. Because I assume you have that.

Oh and, take your hits.




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