A look from outside – (guestblog by MyLifeSound)

“By Koen Jansen http://www.mylifesound.wordpress.com at 7-6-2017”

It was a couple of weeks back when I saw someone walking passed me at Eindhoven Central station. Big black boots, leather trousers and something that looked like a dress at first sight. I was amazed by his clothing style because it was very weird but authentic at the same time. These people really dress up like how they, deep inside, really feel. My name is Koen Jansen, and I write blogs on my page ‘MyLifeSound’. In my blogs, I talk about new music and technology and how music really makes me feel. The emotions and atmospheres. Today, in this guest blog I don’t want to talk about how you can express yourself with music, but with clothing.

From another planet

Since a couple of months now, I’m really into clothing. Checking out special, exclusive brands and spending too much money on shirts and trousers. I usually don’t wear clothes that are super expensive, I just wear clothes I like and that fit nice. So the other day I got confronted with this guy who wore these, in my opinion, weird clothes. I can’t say that I liked his overall look, but I sure do have a lot of respect for him. You got to have guts to walk around in those type of clothes while you’re easy to be judged.  People looked at him like he’s some kind of weirdo from another planet. I personally would feel awful if everybody looked at me like that, but these people apparently don’t care about that. They wear what they want. They don’t go with the group, and there are only a few who are able to do so. They wear these type of clothes to express themselves. Not to be popular or to be part of ‘the group’. They really say ‘fuck you’ to the social standard.

Higher level

So I have a lot of appreciation and respect for people who do role playing and/or dress themselves in an alternative way. Of course, I am aware of the gothic clothing style which is getting more and more accepted in society. You see people with blue dyed hairstyles, choker necklaces, and piercings. But LARP is from another (higher) level. Once again I don’t particularly like it, but I do like the fact that these people just wear what they want, and how they want. I would not dare to put on a ‘dress’, big black boots and some super, super slim fit leather trousers. I would feel embarrassed. But these people, they just want to express themselves, and everybody should be able to do so. Whether it’s with alternative clothing, blue, pink or silver hair, or super expensive designer clothes. Besides, We live in a free country in which everybody is allowed to be who they want to be!


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