Just a kidsdream right? – (storytime)

Remember when you used to swim in the pool and tell your dad that you were a mermaid? You would try to swim with your legs together and be underwater for a whole 10 seconds or so. He would probably say something along the lines”You sure are, honey.”, while probably blaming it on you being a child still. Well, luckily for us we can now really be mermaids, even as adults. Well, mainly as adults… it’s expensive, ok…

So yeah, a few years ago I discovered the existence of monofins. Diving fins made out of one piece like a fish (*cough* mermaid) tail. My world was shook, I can tell you that. I didn’t have to makeshift my own pair by gluing or bolting regular fins together anymore! I continued my planning on how to make my own mermaid tail.


by and from Finfolk Productions

And then not so much later I made another discovery -It would break and heal my heart simultaneously- I found Finfolk Productions. A company that was specialized in making the most beautiful custom mermaid tail. But alas they came at a price. A whopping $2.500 starting price was no joke (While now they steadily increased over the years to a $3.900 starting price). So I began researching how to make my own tail. And even then my heart sank. Those babies are about $1.000 in production costs, hence the high cost of a custom one at a high-quality company like Finfolk. So I just kinda gave up for a while.

Real mermaid

A while back I found the Dutch Mermaid group on facebook, and I began actively getting into mermaiding again, besides swimming. With new plan for a tail (not silicone) and a boost of confidence. Because well, I gained weight, and that’s not really a confidence boost. Especially since the professional and “pretty” mermaids are usually quite thin. And that’s absolutely fine, it’s just I’m not. And the community is loving and accepting so that’s not a problem either.
But still, we kind of got around to that, if mermaids would be real, they would be thick with a lot of fat, likes wales, seals and whatnot, to survive in the wild. Because the sea can be damn cold. So I guess I can be a “real mermaid” still.

Also basically myth confirmed we found real mermaids. We just call them manatees.


Confirmed mermaid





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