Learned when young is old forgotten – (guestblog by MyLifeSound)

By Koen Jansen http://www.mylifesound.wordpress.com on 7-6-2017

As a kid, I was a big fan of knights and old heroes out of those old story books that my dad used to read before I went to bed. Narnia, The Hobbit, and a lot of other stories were my favorites. When I was like 9 or 10 years old I was writing my own stories about brave knights that went on a quest in search of wealth, fame and of course a princess. I made my own swords and shields out of wood and I would run right through the forest with it. My creativity was endless my parents always told me. You could kind of say these were my first experiences with Larping.


My fantasies nowadays are nothing compared to those 7/8 years ago. I remember finding an old story I wrote when I was younger. It was a story about a pirate which name I can’t remember. A pirate sailing on foreign seas. With his crew, he captured many, many ships and stole an awful lot of money, booze, and weapons to continue his conquests, and to be the ruler over all waters. All to impress the love of his life, who already gave her heart to the captain of the enemy ships. At the end, she discovers what a monster the enemy captain is and she jumps off the ship into the cold water and drowns. The enemy captain thinks she goes to the pirate’s ship and so he attacks. At the end, everyone dies. A sad and horrible story if you ask me. I found it a couple of weeks ago and when I was reading it I was laughing. How could a 9-year-old boy have such a wide fantasy to create a character and a story like that one.


I remember I was imagining the story in my head and playing it in real life with my brother or friends. I played the good guy and they played the villains. With homemade swords and shields, we fought each other. It was like we were a part of that story. Like it was really happening. I can also remember my dad filming me and my brother playing in our backyard. Shame I couldn’t find the video. So even though I’ve had never heard of Larping before in my entire life, since a couple of months ago, I kind of have some experiences in it. Although I didn’t completely dress up like a pirate, I sure felt like one.


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