Da rules – (LARP rules)

So you are starting at a LARP and online you find this handy dandy thing called the Rulebook. Read it. And to a great extend KNOW it. This may sound like a lot, but it will make your In-Game life so much easier.  So while the length of the rulebook may differ from event to event,... Continue Reading →


Harnessing your power – (wearing plate armour)

So you've decided that you want to wear plate armour at LARP? I know I did. It's also an easy decision to regret if you're not prepared for it. Which is why I made this list to prepare yourself. I'm going to talk you through several things: Physical well-being Underwear Wearing plate Maintenance Tips and... Continue Reading →

Oh, how the tables have turned! – (DnD basics)

The 8th of June is National Play Outside Day in the Netherlands. And LARP is usually all about playing outside. That's why I am going to talk about playing inside. Besides the live action roleplaying games, there are also roleplaying games where you are playing at home, called Tabletop RPGs. These are more the boardgame-like, but are... Continue Reading →

1 in 5.000 – (Drachenfest)

There are a few events in the world that cater to a few thousand people per event. At least in LARP, because in the 'normie'-world festival season breaks loose in the Spring. But this one is one of them. This, this is the story of Drachenfest ...

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