Da rules – (LARP rules)

So you are starting at a LARP and online you find this handy dandy thing called the Rulebook. Read it. And to a great extend KNOW it. This may sound like a lot, but it will make your In-Game life so much easier.  So while the length of the rulebook may differ from event to event,... Continue Reading →


Harnessing your power – (wearing plate armour)

So you've decided that you want to wear plate armour at LARP? I know I did. It's also an easy decision to regret if you're not prepared for it. Which is why I made this list to prepare yourself. I'm going to talk you through several things: Physical well-being Underwear Wearing plate Maintenance Tips and... Continue Reading →

1 in 5.000 – (Drachenfest)

There are a few events in the world that cater to a few thousand people per event. At least in LARP, because in the 'normie'-world festival season breaks loose in the Spring. But this one is one of them. This, this is the story of Drachenfest ...

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